Hydration is the key to beauty

Everyone of us thought at the age of 20 that creams were something for the old. And with the word “old” we included everyone who was over 25 years old 🙂

It is true that nourishing and rich creams are more suitable for more mature skin, but when you turn 20 it is necessary to hydrate the skin well. Quality hydration significantly delays the time when the first wrinkles begin to form. If the skin is well hydrated, it is more elastic, firmer and even frequent laughter does not make the skin to wrinkle so soon.

No1 Gold offers amazing and effective hydration. You can find there an extremely high quality hyaluronic acid with low molecular weight, and a number of additional ingredients. If we say that quality, then we keep our word. There are “hyaluronic acids” on the market, but the quantity of the actual hyaluronic acid is so low that it runs down immediately.

The most common concentration on the market today is 2%. Our No1 Gold contains full 4% hyaluronic acid. (Just to explain – 100% hyaluronic acid is a white powder that is diluted in pure water to form the actual gel, which you then find in the flacons. The more powder is mixed in the water, the more efficient the product is.)

Along with hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, silk extracts, glycerine and a noticeable amount of 24 karat gold are also included in No1 Gold. All together they create an amazing mixture of substances that are extremely effective in delaying wrinkle formation, high skin hydration and rejuvenation. It is great not only for the visible rejuvenating effect, but also as a serum with your favourite cream, which enhances its effects.

No1 Gold is simply a product that you should not miss.