Your own beautiful long eye lashes

Two weeks ago I had a conversation with a young woman who had come to our stand in Berlin. She had already seen and known about our serum and came to ask why she should buy it when she has beautifully extended eyelashes and can have them long on the spot. I showed her my eyelashes, which are incredibly long thanks to No1 Lash, and the lady admitted that the length of her artificial and my natural eyelashes is almost the same, but I don’t have to go to touch-ups and corrections every week.

There were no more arguments about the other benefits of our serum over the extended eyelashes: Try rubbing your eyes with extended eyelashes in the morning. Visit the wellness area and spend some minutes in the sauna or steam room. Go for a swim without fear, wash your face and wipe the water from your eyes. Waking up without fear, how many lashes fell out overnight and what it will look like in the morning… To all these remarks I just got the answer “Hmmm, you’re right” and the lady bought our serum No1 Lash.

I have nothing against extended eyelashes and we have a lot of partner eyelash salons that sell our No1 Lash serum. It does not destroy the glue and strengthens the roots of the lashes. It can therefore be used with any lash extensions. But the vast majority of ladies with lash extensions are going to remove these one day and they will want to have their own eyelashes as long as they used to. And there our No1 Lash Eyelash Serum can help.