A few comments from our satisfied clients

For the whole year, it is the top best product I had in hand, because it also helped me with my eyebrows. I use it for 4 months and still there is still enough serum. I have to say that my lashes grew so long that they touched my glasses and I can confirm that it really works. In addition, the serum is water-based, so it does not damage the eyelash glue. For those of you who have false eyelashes, you can use this serum with a clear conscience, because it strengthens the roots and your eyelashes will not only fall out less, but they will also grow. The serum can also be used by pregnant women because it does not contain hormones. The serum really helped me with is eyebrows, though. I’ve used a lot of products, but this is really a bomb. My eyebrows grew beautifully and thickened. I can definitely recommend No1 Lash serum. It’s almost the holy grail – the best product of the year that has passed through my hands.

Beauty by Katty / youtuber

I tried several lash sera. I have very sensitive eyes and I had to pass on most of the products because they made me look like I had a bad case of conjunctivitis, which lasted usually for 3-5 days. In the end, I tried this serum. For the first two days, my eyelids were a little bit red, but I felt NO burning and I did not feel the urge to rub my eyes. I will add that I tried false lashes in several salons, and even those were too irritating for my eyes. So, if you also have sensitive eyes and you are afraid to use such serums, I can recommend this one. I found out that it was not made as an eye drops by-product, so you don’t need to worry. Moreover, the package is rather large, it is a winner when comparing the price and the size. One more advice – be patient, it depends in which growth phase are your lashes. For a long time, it might look like nothing is happening, but then it changes quickly. The lashes darken, elongate, and get curly.

Karolina Krezlova / Influencer

I decided to try for myself a miracle called eyelash serum. We have already run several sera in our newsroom, so I was curious what is new. I bought 4, and first I tried how will my eyes react to them. I have sensitive eyes and, as I know, some sera sting in my eyes and they turn red. So, I tried to apply the serum for two days, one eye at a time, two weeks apart, to see the reaction and to make sure that the sera do not react with each other. I have to say that all those that have that thin bristle brush to apply, stung my eyes and my eyes reddened. One in a black cover even made dark circles under my eyes and one other (also in black) literally burned me. The only serum that did not irritate my eyes was the gold serum DiAngelo. My eyes didn’t redden, no dark circles, so I put the others down – I’m not crazy to try something that burns me and makes my eyes turn red – and started testing No1 Lash. The serum has a nice box and inside is a leaflet with instructions for use in several languages. The bottle itself is gold and also pretty nice. Definitely looks good on the shelf in the bathroom. The serum itself is colourless, has no specific odour. It has a great applicator that lasts on all 4 eyelids on one dip. The serum dries after about a minute and you can normally put on your makeup – it has no effect on the lash growth. The instructions say to apply twice a day – morning and evening, so I did. At first you feel a pressure in your eyelids for about a week, but this is probably because the lashes are beginning to absorb all the ingredients and start to grow. Still nothing burned or reddened, so I was glad. Around the second or third week I started to think that it starts working. The manufacturer says that the lashes grow by about a millimetre per month, and that was what I experienced too. Certainly, I pretty soon saw the eyelashes darken. After about two months, I could clearly see that the lashes were longer. Even those thin, light lashes started to grow and darken too, so it looks like the lashes have thickened. And that’s great. I took the last picture I attached after 4 months of use. Although it is said that the lashes grow up to 6 months, I think this is already great. Personally, I can recommend No1 Lash without shame.

Erika Válková / fashion magazine editor

I met the No1 Lash serum at the cosmetics fair in Holešovice, where I worked as a hostess for another company. I already knew the serum, so I bought one and started using it regularly. I must add that it is necessary to apply the serum regularly every day on the eyelids to the lash roots. The serum does not burn or cause red eyes. I was a bit afraid of this because a few friends had sera from other companies and their eyes burned after using them. No1 Lash is natural and really does not cause burning. After a month, you will notice the first changes and after about 4 or 5 months, the growth will stabilize, and the lashes will remain long. In my case is the lengthening well visible and everyone asks me if I have false eyelashes. I don’t, I just use No1 Lash.

Nikola / student

I’ve been using the serum for a year, now I’m running out of a second package, so I’ll buy it again. I have the eyelashes I hoped for. They are significantly longer and denser. And as someone has written before – when I put a mascara on, they look better than my friend’s false eyelashes. I can definitely recommend it.

Šárka / translator

No1 Lash is fantastic, and I think it is the best eyelash growth serum on our market. It works great and my lashes are almost as long as if I had artificial ones. A lot of people ask me about my lashes; I just recommend No1 Lash serum.

Eliska Buckova / model and actress

I’ve been using No1 Lash for a long time and I like it. This is the difference after 3 months and they keep growing. I can recommend it to girls with more sensitive eyes, because it does not sting in the eyes.

Edita / shop assistant

This serum is cool, no problem, it doesn’t burn in the eyes and the eyes don’t get red. My lashes are divine. They got much darker and there is more of them. At least it looks like there’s more of them. And they are much longer.

Marika E. / sales person

I have the No1 Lash serum for a second time, and I will stay with it. I used up the first bottle in less than six months and my eyelashes are super long. Mainly they look denser as they have strengthened and new ones have grown. A really cool product!

Tereza Jitmarská / editor

I just buy a second serum No1 Lash and see the possibility of comment, so I have to share my experiences. I did not believe any cosmetics that promised any positive change, because thanks to Photoshop it is now possible to “prove” anything. But my friend bought this serum and I was curious to see how it would turn out. The result amazed me, and I did not expect such long lashes that my friend had grown. So, I bought No1 Lash and it turned out just as well. I have much longer lashes, they are darker, certainly stronger and far more dense than I had. If you don’t believe in cosmetics, this will get you. I definitely recommend it.

Jolana Mádrová / lector

So, I’ll join with my rating. Nice package and flacon, a screw cap and lip gloss applicator. I have to say that it is easy to work with and I put the serum on both eyes with a single dip. The serum is a dense, odourless solution. It is not sticky. It does not burn, my eyes do not get red. I have been using the serum for less than 3 months and it is already clear that my lashes are growing. Meanwhile, I notice the growth every week, so I think it will grow for some time. But even if they stay like this, I’m happy. I had short lashes – about 4mm, now I have about 6mm, but I really believe they will be longer. I can also recommend this serum.

Karolína S. / nurse

Divine, the lashes like a doll 😊

Terinka / student

I have it and it works great. My lashes are long, and it really doesn’t burn in the eyes. I also recommend it.

Aneta Višková / receptionist

It works.

Deinsa H. / officer

The serum is great, my lashes are seriously fantastic.

Veronika H. / stylist

No1 Lash is great. I did not believe that the lashes would really grow after using some serum, but I was persuaded by the advertising and it really works. I have been using it for the second month, and my eyelashes are much, much longer and quite thicker. You can also see that they darkened. I definitely recommend it.

Katka / shop assistant

At first, I felt a tingle in my eyelids, but within two days it passed, and the eyelashes began to grow visibly. I’ve been using it for about 4 months in the morning and in the evening and the eyelashes are beautiful. They are already very long and also darkened. And I feel they’re still growing. I can recommend No1 Lash.

Marketa Cizkova / real estate broker

The lashes are really longer and darker. The serum works great, I’ve been using it for 4 months and everyone’s noticing it. I can also recommend.

Marcela Jiránková / waitress

After two months, the change is visible even on eyelashes without makeup. The lashes are really beautiful; as they are long, they will curl upwards on their own. And when I read the other reviews saying that the final effect appears in 4-6 months, I really look forward to it. I have already got used to the questions about where I go to get my false eyelashes 🙂

Lenka / customer

Serum is really great and fulfils exactly what it promises. The lashes are elongated, beautifully curled and the colour is more pronounced. I have fairly sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses, and even so the serum does not cause any irritation at all. I wanted to get false lashes again and I’m really glad that I decided to give a chance to serum first, because my own long eyelashes are much better 😉

Gabriela / PR manager

A week ago, I bought the acclaimed miracle, and although I didn’t believe it, I was surprised. Of course, a week is a short time for something to happen, but even now I see that the lashes are slowly elongating. Certainly, I will refer once again in a quarter of a year, but so far it seems that something is happening. It has a pretty good applicator to apply the serum easily. The serum is a dense lotion and the foam brush nicely paints it on the eyelids. My eyes didn’t redden, nor did it burn, even though I managed to rub it in my eye. After two days I felt as if something was happening there, but it wasn’t red. Now, as I watch myself, I really see that it is slowly growing. So, I’m curious. It’s nice so far.

Jana Šumná / bank officer

I have been using the serum for exactly three months to date, and there are still some in the vial, so it lasts a long time, and I apply it in the morning and evening. My lashes have grown evenly to an even length, and lately it seems like they don’t fall out. I can confirm that they have darkened, but it doesn’t really matter to me because I use mascara anyway. In combination with mascara, it boldly competes with artificial eyelashes.

I. / reviewer

I have had the serum for a month, and I need to commend – the lashes are visibly growing. It is cool to see them lengthen 😊

Tereza Kocmanová / asistent

I have this serum for the second time. My eyelashes are much longer and still hold. I was afraid they would fall out, but nothing like that happened. They fall out normally, but it is not visible at all. Unlike the usual, now my eyelashes are not only long, but also stronger, firmer, and nicely curled. I will certainly buy it next time – the first one lasted almost half a year.

Jana Smutná / call operator

I can recommend it too; it works for me and it does not burn in my eyes.

Lenka / food bloger