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What do our customers ask us the most?

Eyelash growth serum No1 Lash

Does the serum contains harmful hormones?

It does not. The No1 Lash is plant-based growth promoting serum. That is why the lash growth can take up to 4 months. Hormone-based sera promise growth within few weeks – but that is nonsense, and I believe that nobody responsible would put such a thing on their eyelids.

How fast do the lashes grow?

Measurable growth is roughly 1 mm per month. Maximal lengthening is usually between 4 and 7 mm – that is how much longer your lashes will be than their original length.

Do I need to use the serum regularly?

Yes. Regularity is important. Same as with flowers, without necessary nutrients they will not grow nicely. The serum is nourishment for the lashes’ own growth and firming. We recommend using the first serum twice a day (morning and evening on a dry, clean eye). As for the following package, it is enough to use it once a day or even every other day, just to maintain the length and strength of the lashes.

What does the serum look like?

The serum itself is a thin, yellowish, translucent liquid with no smell or taste. It is hypoallergenic, even people with allergies or sensitive eyes can use it safely.

Can I sell the No1 Lash serum?

Yes, you can. Just write us an email on, and somebody competent will come back to you immediately. In the Czech Republic, many cosmetic or even hairdresser salons sell our serum, as well as e-shops with cosmetic products.

Hyaluron serum No1 Gold

Does the No1 Gold serum work also on forehead wrinkles?

No1 Gold serum is an effective hydration and an antiaging product. It is a great help to gradually remove wrinkles naturally. It will act everywhere you apply it.

Do I need to use the No1 Gold serum regularly?

Yes. It is necessary to hydrate the skin daily to maintain the long-term effect of the No1 Gold serum. Once you get used to the well-hydrated skin feeling, you will start to look forward to the application, and we are sure that you will go back to it even throughout the day. It refreshes your skin instantly!

I have a favouritte cream, can I combine it with the No1 Gold serum?

The great property of the No1 Gold serum is that you can either use it on its own to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin, or as a serum under your favourite cream. It enhances the cream’s effects.

Cleavage rejuvenation cream No1 Bust

Where is the No1 Bust cream applied?

We recommend applying it all the way from the neck to the breasts. Use after shower on dry skin and massage well. Soon you will see that the effort pays off.

Can I use No1 Bust cream on the stretchmarks on the breasts?

Yes, No1 Bust cream has a positive effect also on stretchmarks. If you already have stretchmarks, no cream can erase them completely. However, you can reduce them with our cream so much that they become almost invisible.

Can I use the No1 Bust cream also on areolas?

Yes, you can. The components of the cream are highly moisturizing and healing; they cannot harm any part of the human body.

Instant wrinkle lifting cream No1 Lift

Does No1 Lift cream also work on forehead wrinkles?

Primarily, No1 Lift cream was created to smooth out perfectly the wrinkles around the eyes. It can work for people who have very soft skin on their forehead, but we cannot promise it to all our customers. It is really the cream for immediate smoothening of the wrinkles around the eyes.

Do I need the No1 Lift cream regularly?

You can but you don’t have to. If you use it daily, it acts against the wrinkles, strengthens the skin, and, apart from its short-term effect, when it erases wrinkles perfectly for 5-8 hours, it also has a long-term effect against the aging of the skin. Of course, you can only use it in those days when you want to look a few years younger.

Can I somehow enhance the No1 Lift cream’s effect?

If you first apply a thin layer of a low molecular hyaluronic acid on a clean skin, preferably our No1 Gold hyaluronic serum, and then the No1 Lift cream, the effect is a bit better and it lasts longer. The No1 Lift cream and No1 Gold serum is very effective.

Hand sanitizer with care No1 Hand Cleaner

Glitters on lips – Angel Lips

Can I kiss while wearing the Angel Lips?

Sure, you can. The glitter is waterproof, and it does not leave any marks, so that your partner will not end up with their mouth full of glitter.

What if I use the AngelLips every day?

You can do that. We recommend using some lip balm when wearing the Angel Lips for more than three days in a row, but otherwise there is no problem wearing the Angel Lips every day.

How long will the AngelLips package last?

The package is for approx. 30 applications.