Natural lashes are more attractive

You can tell natural and extended lashes apart at first sight. If they are made very skilfully, you need to look twice, but this is quite rare. Not that we want to criticise false eyelashes – not at all. If you want them, their huge advantage is that they are long immediately. The disadvantage, however, is that you must not rub your eyes even in the morning, because you can damage them. You cannot even go to the sauna, because it will peel off and for the same reason you cannot visit the swimming pools…

If you already have eyelash extensions and are considering removing them because you do not want to restrain yourself in the summer that is coming slowly, start using No1 Lash Eyelash Serum. It is water-based and does not destroy the glue. Above all, it will strengthen your own lashes, and they will grow – even with those artificial ones that are on them.

So when you remove the extensions and are afraid that you will only have short bristles instead of eyelashes, No1 Lash will regenerate and extend your own eyelashes to almost the same length as you had with your extensions. Based on the experience of hundreds of our clients – having their own beautiful and long eyelashes is simply priceless and the No1 Lash serum will help you to achieve that.