Hand sanitizer with skincare

The pandemic of the corona virus has not only paralyzed us all, but is taking over the skin of our hands. Rapidly, hand disinfectants began to be produced everywhere, essentially from alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

Although this combination guarantees the destruction of viruses, both have a very adverse effect on the skin of our hands, which is often dried so that it begins to itch.

That is why we have developed a truly effective and extremely caring No1 Hand Cleaner disinfectant gel in cooperation with dermatologists.

It contains 75% alcohol (ethanol), which reliably destroys viruses and bacteria, but mainly has a number of care ingredients that you are used to with our products. In addition to a high percentage of hyaluronic acid, it also contains vitamin E, glycerin and aloe vera extracts.

We believe that we will soon overcome this whole unhappy period of loneliness and your hands will still be as soft as it was before the need to constantly use disinfectant gel.