Return the firmness and elasticity of the skin

Wrinkles are an integral part of aging, and after twenty years of life, we ​​can see every half hour. However, the incredible strength of hyaluronic acid in combination with gold scales can stop the skin aging process and even restore its elasticity and firmness.

Without wrinkles again

You don’t have to undergo a facelift that will change your face forever. A unique blend of high-quality, low-molecular-weight (230,000) hyaluronic acid, gold, vitamin E, and other ingredients ensures high skin hydration, restores collagen formation, and strengthens the skin.

One of the best hyaluronic acids on the market

There is a range of hyaluronic acid products on the market, but often at a concentration of only 2%. Our No1 Gold contains 4% high quality, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which does not run down and absorbs well into the skin where it works. We offer a highly effective hyaluronic acid in our product.

The No1 Gold returns youth

The blend of ingredients in the No1 Gold is uniquely made to maintain hydration, restore the cell structure, strengthen the collagen bonds, and restore the collagen production. The No1 Gold also detoxifies the skin and purifies it of free radicals, protects the cells and locks moisture in the skin. In addition, the healing and rejuvenating processes in the skin starts.

Combination of 24 carat gold and vitamin E

The effects of gold on the skin and the whole organism are well known. Gold detoxifies, has an anti-inflammatory effect, it is important in stopping the aging, and it helps to restore and produce collagen. The vitamin E works against free radicals and increases skin firmness. The No1 Gold contains a large amount of gold scales you can see at first glance. You can benefit every day from the same gold benefits as a gold leaf mask in a luxury beauty salon.

Highly effective skin hydration

The unique No1 Gold product has fantastic effects. The next day after application on your skin, you will recognize its effects and after one or two weeks, the effect of the cream will be clearly visible. Being a very effective moisturizer, it can also be used by younger women who do not yet need dense creams, but only need to effectively hydrate their skin.

Hyaluronic serum No1 Gold is a touch of exclusive care in your home

No1 Gold is one of our best products. You will recognize its effectiveness and extraordinary ability to hydrate the skin in just a few days.


Did you know that…

the No1 Gold can also be used as a serum under your creams?

The No1 Gold is a fantastic product itself, but when used as a serum under your favourite cream, it increases its effectiveness.

The composition of the No1 Gold serum

We don’t want to just give you a brief list of ingredients that often mean nothing to many people. Our No1 Gold serum is full of active ingredients, so we want to give you a closer look at how they work.

We do not charge shipping we.
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