No1 Lash is also suitable for lash extensions

Although No1 Lash is an eyelash extension product for natural lashes, however many of our partner salons use it and offer it as a lash regeneration when having artificial eyelashes.

Surely you know someone who has damaged lashes after the application of lash extensions? No1 Lash can be applied even if your eyelashes are extended. It is water-based and does not damage the structure of the glue.

Your own lashes are getting stronger and longer, and you have a great chance that once you remove the false eyelashes, your own won’t be so damaged.

No1 Lash nourishes and regenerates your lashes and helps them to grow faster and last longer. With No1 Lash you can have your own eyelashes up to twice as long.

No1 Lash Serum volume 6 ml you can buy for 75 EUR here at our e-shop