Heavenly shimmering lips

Glitters have been fashionable since they were invented. Women of all ages love everything that shimmers, making manufacturers compete with a variety of glossy patterns.

We faced the glitters with grace. We’ve created Angel Lips that will brighten your lips and last for almost all day without the need for repairs.

AngelLips is a fantastic set of base and glitters in many vibrant shades. You simply apply the base to your lips – just like a gloss. Then you put a layer of glitters on it and that’s it. This creates a continuous shimmering layer that is as soft as your own lips and is waterproof. So you can eat and drink, and also kiss at your leisure. Your lips will remain beautifully shimmering. You don’t even have to worry about leaving traces on your glasses – you don’t have to restrict yourself.

Amazing AngelLips lip glitters are an international hit of this summer.