Care for cleavage even for young ladies

This week, you could see a number of bloggers on social networks to report from tropical vacation under the hot sun just in their bikinis. You could not miss that despite their young age, their first wrinkles began to form between their breasts under the influence of the blazing sun.

We cover the skin of the breast and cleavage with jumpers, t-shirts or shirts for almost the whole year. When it is suddenly exposed to strong sun, even treated with a sunscreen, for the skin it is rather a shock. It quickly loses hydration and even if you still cream your breasts and cleavage, they are one of the first sunburned places. For this reason, vertical fine lines appear between the breasts.

It is these fine lines and of course the deep wrinkles  that we have created the No1 Bust cream.

No1 Bust is a highly moisturizing cream that penetrates deep into the subcutis and has a beneficial effect. Thanks to a number of natural ingredients and especially extracts of the Pueraria Mirifica plant, it softens and firms the skin and helps to restore collagen production. The skin treated with No1 Bust very soon becomes more elastic and the signs of ageing (cleavage wrinkles) will begin to improve and may even disappear completely. No1 Bust is a suitable care all year round, especially during the hot season, because the colloid 24k gold, which is also contained in the cream, soothes and heals the skin.

The cream moisturizes and firms the entire cleavage and bust area, as well as the neck. It is light, easy to spread and smells beautiful. We have a great reviews from users and that it is also great for hands and nail beds.

Our tip – use No1 Bust after morning and evening shower (or bath). Spread the cream on the breast, cleavage and neck for about 2 minutes. In our experience your partner will fall in love with this way of application and he will be happy to assist you … 🙂