Fast rejuvenation effect

When we introduce our effective No1 Lift cream, which smooths out wrinkles in about a minute, we always say that it works within 3 minutes and no one even believes it.

That’s why we enjoy personal presentations – most often at cosmetic trade shows. When we say to a lady who already has a lot of wrinkles around her eyes that we will get rid of her wrinkles within a minute, she usually just smiles with the expression “Of course, I have already heard this crap …” 🙂

However once we get her to try the cream and it really smooths out her wrinkles within one minute, she just stares at herself and usually takes one No1 Lift home.

No1 Lift really does the most mechanical work in about one minute. The other two are for absorption and fixation. Therefore, everywhere we present “wrinkle removal in 3 minutes”.

If you want to try it and see its strength for yourself, you can come to visit us or look for our booth at the nearest trade show. We are at all major cosmetics trade shows in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Slovakia. It’s up to you where you want to get 🙂