Instant lifting effect thanks to the No1 Lift is better than a scalpel

At prestigious cosmetic trade shows where we present our products to professionals, we often see ladies who have a noticeable interest in cosmetic surgery. I honestly think that if someone does not have a downright medical problem – for example, eyelids causing pressure on their eyeballs to start permanent headache and other similar problems, we can avoid the scalpel very neatly. Especially thanks to effective cosmetics.

If you are considering some form of facial rejuvenation or have wrinkles around your eyes that you can no longer smooth out with cosmetic products, try our No1 Lift. It is an extraordinary product that immediately after applying smooths wrinkles around the eyes and you will look a few years younger. This effect is immediate – smooths wrinkles within about 2 minutes and lasts for about 4 -7  hours.

How does it work? No1 Lift is a silicon-based mineral cream that is absorbed into the top of the skin, creating a thin, invisible film on the skin. This layer will begin to create a straight surface and in this way it stretches the soft skin around the eyes, while smoothing all wrinkles in this area. The effect of No1 Lift is incredible, and if you look at yourself in the mirror, it looks like if someone has retouched your own face.

The effect, which usually lasts 4 – 7 hours, can be prolonged by first applying a layer of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to clean and dry skin. Of course, we recommend our No1 Gold, which contains high quality hyaluronic acid with low molecular weight and is full of amazing ingredients, but you can use any hyaluronic acid. After absorption, apply a thin layer of No1 Lift cream. This will intensify the effect of the cream and it will last longer.

When used repeatedly, No1 Lift makes the skin to stretch, which can be compared to a form of exercise. This strengthens the skin around the eyes and in long-term use wrinkles get gradually reduced. In addition, the cream contains active peptides that also rejuvenate the skin.

So, if you want to rejuvenate your appearance without scalpel, try No1 Lift. You will be surprised by its efficiency.