Rewind the time 10 years back

Wrinkles are an integral part of aging, and after twenty years of life, we notice every half hour. But sometimes, when we look at each other and remember the young elastic skin, we wonder how beautiful it would be to get rid of the wrinkles. Our revolutionary No1 Lift mineral cream smooths wrinkles within 3 minutes.

Without wrinkles again

You don’t have to undergo a facelift that would change your face forever. You do not even need to be treated with Botox which will petrify your mimic muscles and your expression will resemble a cardboard mask. Our unique No1 Lift mineral cream will do the same job right in front of your eyes in just a few moments.

How does the No1 Lift cream work?

Thanks to the minerals contained in the cream, the No1 Lift cream will start to tighten the skin immediately after application. The skin is literally levelled in front of your eyes, smoothing out fine (sometimes also the deeper) wrinkles. The No1 Lift also brightens the skin. The effect of smoothened wrinkles occurs after 2-3 minutes after application and it lasts for about 5-8 hours.

What else does the No1 Lift do for your skin?

In addition to the instant wrinkle removal, the No1 Lift also contains caring ingredients. In the second phase of the cream’s action on the skin, the nano peptides rejuvenate and regenerate the skin in the long run. With regular use, the period of action of the cream may increase and the skin will become more elastic.

How is the No1 Lift cream used?

Apply a very small amount of cream to each eye area, do not dab it in, just smooth on a thin layer. In this case, the rule is “less means more”. For about 3 minutes do not grimace, the cream must be absorbed evenly. Within 2 minutes, you will see the skin tightening and the wrinkles disappear. Make up and apply concealer or make-up. In the evening, wash off the No1 Lift cream or remove it with the usual make-up remover. If a white “film” or fine white crystals has formed on the spots where you applied the cream, then you have applied too much of the No1 Lift cream. In this case, wipe off the cream with a damp cloth or wash it off with water and apply again, this time a smaller amount.

Long-term use

Since the No1 Lift cream is an effective product with an efficacy time of around 5-8 hours, you can apply it several times a day. As soon as you notice that the skin has returned to its original form, you can remove make-up and apply the No1 Lift again – this will significantly increase the duration of its action. Like exercise, repetitive stretching strengthens the skin. This is how No1 Lift works on the eye area. Repeated application strengthens the skin and makes it more flexible. It can thus reduce the wrinkles.

No1 Lift is great helper inside your purse

Are you going to a party or have you met someone you want to impress? You can be wrinkle-free in 2 minutes. Just apply the No1 Lift cream on your wrinkles and they will disappear for a several hours.


Did you know that…

the No Lift cream is non-allergenic

All irritation tests have been performed at zero and allergy sufferers can use it too.


Videos, that shows the 3 minute effect of the No1 Lift cream.

We’ve tried the No1 Lift cream for different types of people.

In the first video – we asked a random lady at a trade fair to record the No1 Lift effect on her wrinkles.

Take a look at the result, it is georgeous…

The No1 Lift cream composition

We don’t want to just give you a brief list of ingredients that often mean nothing to many people. Our No1 Lift Instant Wrinkle Cream is full of active ingredients, so we want to give you a closer look at how they work.

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