Extended or natural?

False or natural lashes?

The undeniable advantage of extended lashes is the fact that they are long immediately. They are also beautiful immediately, but only if you are lucky to have a handy lash specialist in a good salon. The disadvantage is that after 2 or so weeks they no longer are so pretty, they fall out and you need to go to touch-ups and corrections.

No1 Lash Eyelash Serum doubles the length of the lashes, but it takes 4-6 months. But you have your own beautiful and healthy eyelashes and you do not have to go for any touch-ups.

But if you want to have long lashes right away, or if you already have your lashes extended and are happy with them, then it’s okay. In this case, we still recommend using our serum No1 Lash. It significantly strengthens the lash roots, so they will fall out less, and it supports the growth of your own eyelashes – this will extend the entire application. Your eyelashes will not only be longer, but also healthier, because the whole lash extension process destroys and weakens your own lashes.

We cooperate with dozens of salons where they extend lashes and they recommend and sell our No1 Lash serum as regeneration and strengthening of your own lashes. The serum is water-based and does not disturb the glue you have on your extended eyelashes, so don’t worry about any reaction.

In the end, you will probably find out that having your own long, beautiful and healthy eyelashes is priceless.