Eyelash serum should not burn your eyes!

You often ask us:

A serum should not burn the eyes, right???

– No, NO serum for eyelash growth should burn in the eyes. If it does, it is probably due to the presence of eyelash growth hormones, which are harmful to the eyes and which use in cosmetics is prohibited. Our No1 Lash serum does not have hormones therefore it does not hurt the eyes.

Why do some serums promise a growth within 2 or 4 weeks???

– this is how fast lashes can grow by the use of hormones. On the other hand – we have repeatedly seen that as fast as the lashes have grown, so quickly they fell out, because the root of the lashes did not have the strength to sustain such a rapidly grown lash. Disregarding the fact that with the hormones the girls’ eyes burned and were all red.

It’s all fake!!!

– some people just doesn’t believe anything. That is why one of our colleagues applies the serum only to one eye. At every trade show he is at the booth so that everyone can see the difference. His “treated” eyelashes have almost doubled, are not glued and the shorter ones are not cut off.

What else to say? No1 Lash has been on the market for six years now, and has been sold throughout Europe and several countries outside Europe and the sales are growing. Already thousands of users have their eyelashes twice as long and their eyes look awesome now. 100% longer and stronger eyelashes for you…