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Long eyelashes give your look an irresistible seductiveness and charisma. Thanks to the unique composition of the No1 LASH serum, your eyelashes will grow about 4 to 7 mm from their current length, increase their volume, gain a darker colour, and even the thinner eyelashes that have so far been only weak and almost invisible will start to grow. This causes that it seems like there is suddenly more lashes. You can see the increase after the first month, the maximum effect is reached after about 4 months. The No1 Lash serum does not burn or cause redness in the eyes.

Infinitely long eyelashes

With the No1 LASH serum, the lashes grow faster and reach about twice their original length. The lashes also get more volume, they are firmer, more flexible, and healthier. Even the lashes that are not visible at first sight will start to grow, so the lashes will become thicker. You’ll have more beautiful eyelashes than you ever dreamed.

How does the No1 Lash serum work?

The revolutionary serum composition of the No1 LASH and especially the mixture of the nano peptides, which are abundant in the serum, are absorbed directly into the root of the lashes and nourish them. Due to their size, they get deeper into the tissue than other products, and they act intensively at the root of the lashes. They nourish them richly, improve blood microcirculation, and literally force the lash to grow faster. Thanks to the hardening of the roots and of the lashes itselves, it then takes almost twice as long for the lash to fall out. Therefore, it can grow longer and stronger. The No1 Lash serum can also be used on eyebrows.

How to use the No1 Lash serum?

Twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) apply the serum on both the upper and lower eyelids, directly to the eyelash roots. After the serum has been absorbed (approx. 2 minutes), you can make up your eyes or treat it as you normally would.

Why is the No1 Lash serum the best?

The No1 Lash serum is a natural product with many years of market history and many thousands of users who have proven its effectiveness; it can be used for any length of time, even during pregnancy or breastfeeding. The No1 Lash serum has been used by tens of thousands of users in many countries. Thanks to the proven and verified effect, they return to our No1 Lash and use it for a long time. In its editorial review, the Full of Beauty magazine declared the No1 Lash as the best on the market.

The correct application

The No1 Lash growth serum has an applicator placed in the lid, similar to a lip gloss applicator. It absorbs the necessary amount of the serum and you just lightly brush the eyelids at the root of the lashes – where you would paint the eyeliner. It lasts for all four eyelids on one soak – there is no need to soak the applicator on each eyelid; the lids just need to be lightly moistened and the necessary amount of serum gets to the roots.

Fake eyelashes

The No1 Lash is a water-based product, so it does not dissolve the glue that holds the false eyelashes. Therefore, you can use No1 Lash serum even if you have false eyelashes.

No1 Lash is amazingly efective serum

It works for everyone, each age and will work on your eyelashes as well. Try its effectivity on yourselve. To have beautiful and super long eyelashes is priceless experience.


Did you know that…

…the No1 Lash serum can help to rejuvenate the eyelids and the area around the eye as well?

The No1 Lash serum is rich in peptides that can also help rejuvenate the eyelid skin and help to produce collagen. Overall, they can help to reduce fine lines just below the eyes.

…you can use the No1 Lash serum on top of the false lashes?

Our serum is water-based so it does not disturb the glue. On the contrary – it strengthens and regenerates your lashes, so they will not fall out so much. And of course, they will start to grow.

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No1 Lash Serum Composition

We don’t just want to give you a brief list of ingredients that means nothing to a lot of people. Our No1 Lash serum is packed with active ingredients and therefore we want to let you know their functionality.

We do not charge the freight fee across the globe. You wil pay the price of the product only.

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