Stop aging skin

Now you can actually delay aging and keep your youthful appearance longer.

No1 Gold is a caring serum that revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin.

A unique mixture of ingredients moisturizes and firms the skin. The skin becomes more elastic and firmer.

High quality hyaluronic acid in combination with vitamin E, silk extracts, glycerine and a high content of 24 karat gold particles hydrates exceptionally in the deepest layers of the skin and has a positive anti-aging effect. Serum No1 Gold is one of the most effective products for long-lasting youthful complexion.

You can use it either alone or as a serum with another cream. It is amazing because it is in 4% concentration and does not flow away when applied. It is very easy to apply, spread and, because of its low molecular weight, it quickly absorbs to the lowest layers of the skin. There it hydrates, regenerates and soothes. The acid takes other ingredients of our product No1 Gold along into the deep skin layers. Therefore, if you use it as a serum with your favourite cream, it increases its effect and, together with your own hydration, you will see what all No1 Gold can do for your skin.