Dazzle everyone with your lips

The glitter attracts attention – even more so on the lips. Once you put on the AngelLips, you will attract much more attention than with ordinary lipstick. Enjoy your evening …

Glittering lips for 8 hours

Our special patented, lip-friendly base will keep the glitter on your lips for 8 hours. You can drink, eat, or kiss, and the glitters would not leave marks or smear. The AngelLips are simply unique.

Kissproof and waterproof

The uniqueness of the AngelLips is that it stays beautiful all night long. The application is waterproof, so nothing will blur your shimmering lips throughout the evening.

Gentle on the lips

Our glitters are laser-cut and have smooth edges. It will not scratch your lips and you do not have to worry even when you accidentally lick some of it. The base that holds the glitter on the lips is also gentle on the lips.

We guarantee an increased number of eye contacts

It will be unbelievable with how many looks you will encounter. The shimmering lips attract attention like nothing else, and they would make you a star wherever you go. Whether you choose a crazy party colour or an elegant daytime colour – you’ll enjoy the increased attention everywhere.

Quick make-up removal

The AngelLips are waterproof, which means that you can easily remove it with an oil-based remover. Simply moisturize the cosmetic tampon with an oil-based remover and apply it on your lips for a few seconds. The oil dissolves the strength of the application and it then wipes off easily. Easy and practical.

Lips with our glitters on are irrestible

Angel Lips are laser cut and smoothed. It have a highest gloss possible and you will not believe how much attraction you will attend. If you want to enjoy the admiring views of everyone around you, Angel Lips are the best choice.


Did you know that…

Video review of Angel Lips glitters on lips.

You can see how easily you can apply the glitters on…

The AngelLips composition

We don’t just want to give you a brief list of ingredients that often nobody knows. We want to showcase the exact ingredients we make the AngelLips from.

We do not charge the freight fee all around the EU.

Frequently asked questions

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