Caring hand cleansing gel

Perfect care for your hands. Our new No1 Hand gel is the perfect product. A high percentage of alcohol (Ethanol 75%) reliably kills all viruses and bacteria, and a high amount of care products prevents the skin of your hands from drying out.

Perfectly clean and soft hands at the same time

The environment and the health situation increase the demands on our hygiene, which begins and ends with perfectly clean hands. We touch things, people and food. It is therefore necessary to have our hands perfectly and often sterile clean. Unfortunately, standard disinfectants strongly dry the skin of the hands, which visibly suffers from it.

Hand skin care with a high degree of disinfection

We have developed a unique cleansing gel for you, in which the power of 75% alcohol is combined with effective skin care that you are used to by our products. The high percentage of alcohol ensures perfect cleaning of the hands from 99.9 % of bacteria and viruses. A balanced mix of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and glycerine will then ensure that the skin of your hands has all what is necessary to stay hydrated.

How does No1 Hand Cleaner work?

Alcohol in a concentration of 75% kills all known viruses and bacteria. It is necessary to apply the gel in the way everyone teaches us and keep spreading the gel on the palms, fingers and nail beds for at least 25 seconds till the hands are dry. No1 Hand Cleaner perfectly cleans the skin of your hands and the caring ingredients make sure that it does not dry out and is pleasantly soft.

Long-term use

No1 Hand Cleaner can be used for a long time. Hyaluronic acid takes care of keeping moisture in the skin, glycerine softens it and vitamin E strengthens the protection against dryness.

The right use

Squeeze a sufficient amount of gel into your palm and rub your palms thoroughly. Don’t forget your fingers and nails. After 25 seconds, when he gel dries, you’re done; your hands are perfectly clean.

Be careful of your eyes!

The basis of the No1 Hand cleansing gel is a high percentage alcohol – Ethanol 75%. Therefore, the cleansing gel must not get into the eyes. Therefore, be careful not to touch the eyes until the gel is completely dry and the alcohol has evaporated.

No1 Hand provides extraordinary care

Our antibacterial hand care gel is relevant not only in these days. The need for clean hands is here all the time, and especially for children, the cleansing gel with care ingredients on their delicate hands is an unbeatable helper.


Did you know that No1 Hand gel…

guarentees sterile clean hands and delicate skin?

No1 Hand is the only truly caring disinfectant gel on the market for a more than competitive price.

Ingredients of cleaning gel No1 Hand

There are a number of amazingly active substances in our disinfectant gel, which is why we want not only to list them for you, but also to explain what they can do and for what purpose they are in the cleansing gel.

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Frequently asked questions

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