A revolutionary product for the cleavage and busts

The skin aging is particularly evident in the cleavage area. This is why we developed the fantastic No1 Bust cream. The active ingredients of the cream restore the firmness and elasticity of the skin and gradually reduce or even smooth out the wrinkles around the neck and cleavage. If the No1 Bust is applied to the breasts, the skin and the breasts may become firmer.

Youthful cleavage

Thanks to the high hydration provided by the No1 Bust cream, the collagen bonds are restored, and the skin slowly begins to smooth out and firm. The wrinkles become finer and may even disappear completely. The skin will become soft and firmer to look and touch.

How does the No1 Bust work?

The No1 Bust is a caring product, so it is a sustained and long-lasting effect. After about 2 weeks, the first results will be noticeable – the skin will become firmer and will look much younger. The main active ingredient of the No1 Bust is the extract from the roots of the Pueraria plant, which ensures high skin hydration. A mixture of natural ingredients heals and rejuvenates the skin. The No1 Bust removes toxins and free radicals, cleanses the skin, and helps restore collagen production. The high skin hydration also penetrates the subcutaneous tissue and fat cells, which absorb it and increase their volume. This also makes the skin tighter and the wrinkles smoother. There may also be a slight increase in volume and firmness of the breasts themselves.

24 karat gold in the No1 Bust!

The No1 Bust is rich in 24 carat gold in its colloidal form. Its positive effect on the body has been known for hundreds of years. The gold improves blood microcirculation, acts as an effective antioxidant, promotes collagen production, washes away toxins from the skin, and reverses the aging process. The No1 Bust is truly unique product for the cleavage.

Why is the No1 Bust beneficial for the skin?

The presence of the colloidal gold in the No1 Bust enhances the effects of other natural ingredients that act to tighten the skin pores, heal, and cleanse the skin internally. Many fruit acids help to remove dead skin cells, restore and increase collagen production, and increase skin firmness. Green tea and a number of vitamins provide a large number of antioxidants and help rejuvenate and brighten the skin.

How is the No1 Bust used?

Ideally, dry your skin and massage in the No1 Bust every morning and every night or at least once a day after a bath. Massage the skin of the cleavage, neck, and breast using slow circular movements for a few minutes. The cream is thus better and evenly absorbed and the massage also stimulates the subcutaneous tissue, which makes the cream more effective.

No1 Bust is unique cleavage and neck area rejuvenation product 

It rejuvenates the skin in cleavage and neck area, makes the skin firmer and more flexible. It also helps in the wrinkle reducing. When applied to the bust, it also strengthens skin and works really effectively in this area


Did you know that…

The No1 Bust is great for your hands too?

The cream is full of amazingly effective ingredients for moisturizing and firming the skin. After applying and massaging the cream on the cleavage, you will also enjoy beautifully smooth skin on your hands.

The last video review of the No1 Bust cream

You can find tests of our products all over the internet and social networks. We haven’t promoted the No1 Bust cream much yet, this is the only video review so far, so take a look …

The composition of No1 Bust cream

We don’t want to just give you a brief list of ingredients that often mean nothing to many people. Our No1 Bust Cream is full of active ingredients, so we want to give you a closer look at how they work.

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