Effective cosmetic products manufactured with the greatest care. Di Angelo Cosmetics has been on the market for eight years and each product is well-tested by thousands of users.

No1 Lash

The best lash-growth serum. It naturally lengthens the lashes up to double of their length.

1.950,- Kč

No1 Gold

The best quality hyaluronic acid with 24k gold and Vitamin E for rejuvenated and hydrated skin.

1.150,- Kč

No1 Lift

A unique mineral cream that smooths wrinkles and removes bags under the eyes within minutes.

990,- Kč

No1 Bust

A special, effective cream for rejuvenating the neck and cleavage. Wrinkles removal and deep hydration.

1.650,- Kč

Maximální efektivita

Dáváme zřetel na maximální kvalitu a efektivitu naší kosmetiky. Proto nevyrábíme stovky produktů, ale jen těch několik, kde můžeme garantovat nejvyšší kvalitu a účinnost.

Bez hormonů

Naše produkty a ani sérum na růst řas No1 Lash neobsahují žádné hormony. Nemusíte se tedy ničeho bát. Je tedy vhodné i pro těhotné a kojící ženy. Snažíme se o co nejvíce přírodní složení našich produktů.

Cruelty free

Žádný z našich produktů, ani ingredience ze kterých produkty mícháme, nejsou testovány na zvířatech.

Skvělá cena

Nabízíme nejlepší ceny našich produktů. Oproti jiným značkám máme často i větší obsah a snažíme se o nejvyšší možnou koncentraci aktivních látek.

Celosvětová distribuce

S našimi produkty se můžete setkat v nabídce stovek prodejců v EU i mimo ní. Kvalitu našich produktů denně prověřují tisíce uživatelek na 4 kontinentech již šestým rokem.

Poštovné zdarma

Na všechny naše produkty, objednané zde na našem eshopu, nabízíme poštovné zdarma. A to nejen v rámci ČR, ale také všech zemí EU, USA a Kanady.

Do you want to have beautifully long lashes?

The No1 Lash Serum was named by the Full of Beauty Magazine as the best product on the market.

The No1 Lash Serum is a fantastic product for your lashes. It nourishes and strengthens their roots, the lashes get naturally darker, stronger and above all, they will grow up to double their original length.

The Serum is hormone-free, your eyes will not get red or irritated if the serum gets in your eye. It is safe also for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
Does it sound like a miracle? We have been on the market for eight years in 14 countries and we have thousands of satisfied users that test the serum daily and buy it repeatedly.

Will you have long and beautiful lashes too?

Do you want to erase your wrinkles in 3 minutes?

Unique mineral cream No1 Lift smoothes wrinkles and bags under the eyes in a short time after its application.

Mineral cream No1 Lift is a unique product. Nobody believes at first that a cream can tighten your skin in just 3 minutes, but as soon as you try it yourself, you would be surprised. You can apply makeup over the cream.
The No1 Lift cream is absorbed into the upper layer of the skin and it also forms an invisible film on the skin. Thanks to the minerals that tend to make an even surface, there is a gentle tension that stretches the skin and thus removes the wrinkles and bags under the eyes. The tight skin effect lasts for 4-7 hours; the skin returns to its original shape afterwards. Does it sound unbelievable? See the video below – it is not retouched!
The No1 Lift is great for everybody who wants to look instantly 10 years younger without invasive cosmetic surgeries. It is also well suitable for makeup artists and professionals to erase their client’s wrinkles – no photoshop needed. Will you try it too?

Do you want to have beautifully smooth cleavage again?

The amazing cream No1 Bust is a great help for cleavage and neck rejuvenating.

The No1 Bust cream is a special cream for this area. Thanks to the high hydration that it provides, it ensures that the neck and cleavage skin is tightened, and the wrinkles gradually smoothed out. Deep wrinkles are visibly reduced, smaller ones can disappear completely.
Thanks to the high percentage of active natural components, the No1 Bust Cream promotes collagen production and hydration of the deeper layers of the skin. Gradually, the skin tightens, and the wrinkles disappear. Your cleavage will glow, and it will be visibly smoother.
The colloidal 24k gold in this cream acts like an antioxidant and helps to clear and soothe the skin. Have a youthful, beautiful cleavage yourself!

Do you want to rejuvenate and tighten your skin?

Special mix of the best quality hyaluronic acid, 24k gold flakes, and Vitamin E will do wonders with your skin.

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid is currently the best product for hydration and rejuvenation of the skin. In the No1 Gold, we added to it flakes of 24k gold and Vitamin E that is also considered the elixir of youth.
The fantastic No1 Gold is an effective solution to maintain your youth for a long time. It hydrates deeply, you feel its effects immediately after you apply it. The gold contained in the cream helps to clear and soothe the skin. The hyaluronic acid along with Vitamin E promotes collagen production. The No1 Gold significantly contributes to wrinkle reduction.
The No1 Gold is a great solution for everybody who is looking for a universal product for their skin. Hydration is the essence of youth and its loss causes the aging of the skin – and that is prevented by the No1 Gold. Will you too try its great effect?

Do you want to be in the centre of attention?

Charming lip glitter, waterproof, kiss proof, lasts at least 8 hours on the lips.

Due to the patented priming base that keeps the AngelLips glitter on the lips, you can drink, eat, or kiss, and the glitter will stay put.
The laser-smoothed glitter AngelLips will last on your lips for at least 8 hours and you will experience more attention and eye contact than you would ever expect. Enjoy your night filled with sensual flirting.
You can drink anything and even eat – just watch out for fatty food such as hamburger, pizza etc. The fat disrupts the priming base and the glitter could slid off. So, eat healthy, for you and for the long-lasting glittering effect.

Marek Pala

Makeup Artist and Hairdresser

I have a personal experience with all Di Angelo Cosmetics products, but mostly with the lash growth serum No1 Lash, and the No1 Lift cream for instant wrinkle removal. We are successfully selling both these products in our salons, but mainly we are using them and recommending them to all our customers. The lash serum is amazing, our ladies grow their lashes long, and pretty much everybody is using the anti-wrinkle cream. Its ability to remove 10 years in 3 minutes is amazing.

Žaneta Morstadt

Fashion Models Agency Director

I am using the lash serum No1 Lash and it is incredible. My lashes have grown so much that everybody is asking now if I have falsies. Nope, I am just a No1 Lash fan 😊

Eliška Bučková

Model and singer

The No1 Lash is fantastic and, in my opinion, the best lash growth serum on the market. It works perfectly, my lashes are almost as long as false lashes. Many people are asking me about my lashes – I can only recommend No1 Lash.


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